Awaken Your Inner Goddess

Unleash the power of your femininity, sensuality and creativity

This course is designed to help woman connect with all aspects of the Goddess

Together we will walk the Priestess Path of awakening in order for each woman to find within themselves the strength, beauty and power of the GODDESS

Join us for 8 weeks of live classes online.

We will meet on Thursdays from 10:00-11:30 am PST starting on January 17, 2019.

Give yourself the gift of healing this holiday season.  

Start your new year off with a Resolution to YOU and your growth.


Have you been hearing the calling of the Goddess?

Have you felt the untapped power within you?

Have you always wanted to be a part of a sisterhood?

Reclaim your Power and your gifts-

✅ Learn how to connect with your Spirit guides.  

✅ Learn how to cleanse your womb space of any unwanted energy

✅ Learn how to harness your innate power and connect with the Spirit World in order to birth your new creations.

The time is NOW!


The world needs you! We are living in Chaotic times and the universe is asking each one of us to STEP-UP our game.

How committed are you to your spiritual path?

Would you like to join our community of sisterhood?

Are you ready to connect with your true essence and step into your role as a powerful woman?


✅ Join the sisterhood

✅ Return to the Holy Temple of the Goddess

✅ Awaken your Strength

✅ Remember your Beauty

✅ Connect with your Soul’s Mission

Walk the way of the Priestess for 8 weeks

January 17

Welcome to the Sisterhood!

Setting intentions: What is your sacred prayer for this journey?

Power of Prayer: How to infuse prayer into your daily life.

Intentions lead to manifestation

January 24

Daily practice: Cultivating a daily practice during our journey.

Grounding into Mother Earth: how to connect to our sacred Mother

Rituals for Blessing your food and water

Guided journey: Connecting with your Spirit guides and Goddess Archetypes

January 31

Inner Child- connecting with your magical child-

Returning to innocence-

Creative Expression- how do you express yourself

Guided Journey: Connecting with the magic child within

February 7

Womb healing- cleansing the womb of old energies and traumas

Womb Health- healing from miscarriages, abortions, lack of menstruation, malfunction of female reproductive organs,
trauma/pain of the female reproductive organs

Power of the Wombyn – Harnessing the power from our wombs

Guided Journey: Connecting with your Womb

February 14

Integration Week- NO Class

February 21

Energy and Boundaries

Identifying your energy field and what is not your energy

Creating healthy boundaries with your energy and psychic abilities

Clearing out your energy field of unwanted energies

Energetic and Psychic hygiene

Guided Journey: Cord cutting with someone you are ready to release

February 28

Sensual woman- connecting with your juicy, open, seductive self

Reclaiming your Sex Goddess- getting back into your body and feeling safe with your sensations of pleasure  

Power of Orgasim for manifestation-

Guided meditation- connecting with the Goddess

March 7

Q and A


What You Get

✅ 6 weeks of content
1 Q and A session
1 week for integrating the materials
Course runs from January 17 – March 7 2019

Extra bonuses

3 guided breathwork meditations (audios)
Downloadable PDF guides for the course
Custom blend of flower essences for each sister

Don't Be Shy

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