May I be in right relations with all my Relations-

With the Mother Earth
The Heavens and all the star beings
The plants
The trees
The Mother Ocean and all her creatures
The animals
My children
My children’s father
My family
My friends
My lovers
My peers
My teachers
My clients
My community

And from this place of right relations-
May harmony be restored

So that I may embody my True Essence
And allow my light to shine brightly

And so that I may be a loving example of unconditional LOVE through every action, every breath and every prayer

May I be the mother I wish all children to have
May I be the partner that creates healthy relationships
May I be a medicine woman who serves others through a place of love and forgiveness

Thank you so much
I am so grateful
Please forgive me
I’m sorry
I am willing to learn
I love you