Oh Father/Mother Goddess 
Birther of All Creation 
Great Mystery, the Void of Nothingness 
Light of Consciousness, the spark of creation 
From your Union 
All Life manifesting 
Guide us Home 
Into the Innocence of our 
True Nature 
Open, Vulnerable, Free,  
A Joyful 
Embodiment of Love 
through which 
Divine LOVE is channeled 
Connecting the Heavens, Father Sun with 
Pacha Mamá, Mother Earth 
Uniting within the 
Hearts of All
Activating our
Soul mission so that 
We may humbly 
Serve All with Love 
May we use the Gifts that 
Creator has 
Bestowed upon us to 
Awaken the 
Hearts of All 
Courageously walking 
The Path of Love
with a Open heart 
Freeing us from entanglements that do not 
Bring Health 
Into our Lives 
Releasing all that no longer 
Serves us 
Learning the Lessons 
Continuing on the journey 
Bringing the Light of Truth  
Into the shadows of the mind 
May we protect the 
Holy Temples of the Goddess 
Honoring the Sacred that 
Lives within you 
that lives within me 
that lives within the Heart
Of All our Relations 
Caring for the Children 
Nourishing the Mothers
Giving Thanks for the Fathers
Sharing the Medicines 
Honoring the Elders 
With Hearts Opening 
Bowing down to the 
Great Mystery
We are humbled by 
The Truth of your 
Love and Devotion 
We are One
We are LOVE 
Together We Rise 
Giving Thanks 
To All our Relations