Allowing myself to be Seen-

Last weekend after Lodge  

I was sitting by the fire praying and

A woman came up to me saying, 

“I saw you arrived in a Lyft.  

Do you have a ride home?”

No, I replied-

I was hoping to see a friend I knew to ride home with but I haven’t

She offered to drive me home 

40 minutes out of her way in the late evening hours  

With tears in my eyes 

I humbling received her offer and said 

Thank you 

I told her that I was planning to 

Silently slip away-

Walk out to the road and call a Lyft to ride home.

No need she said- 

“We take care of each other here”

I shared with her that I gave up driving and 

What a humbling and yet 

Liberating experience, it has been

I used to drive only during daylight hours

And now- I no longer drive

I am learning how to 

Be Me- 

Fully embodying my Truth

Accepting my gifts and 

Accepting my limitations

Just before my 38th birthday- 

I received a 

Message from Spirit 

To give up driving

I headed the message

I am Learning to 

Listen to the 

Gentle whispers of 

Great Spirit

So that I don’t have to 

Bang my head against the wall with

The loud shouts

It was a pivotal 

moment in my life 

I gathered my family and 

With tears in my eyes

I told them that 

I would no longer be driving

The desire to be able to 

Give everything to my children 

Runs deep within me

I was grappling with my 

Feelings of inadequacy 

As if I were failing them in some way

And yet I realize now that 

I am teaching them how to 

Know your limits 

I called council with my closest friends

Guiding them through a visualization 

Attempting to demonstrate to them

How my eyes are different

I wanted them to be able to understand 

What the world looks like 

Through my eyes

They were all shocked-

“I had no idea you saw things so differently,” was the response

You see-

For most of my life

I have been hiding my vision from the world

I have been pretending my sight was ‘normal’

I hardly ever speak about my vision

I have never wanted to be a burden on others and 

I have been afraid of exposing my weaknesses

And yet, 

my inner sight is 

One of my greatest gifts 

To be a channel for LOVE

One also Sees 

Where there is a block in the 

Flow of LOVE

To see into one’s soul and know their fears, challenges and pains

This is why the healing sessions are so successful and

Why it can be challenging in my relationships 

It’s not always easy to manage the energy

Without getting hooked

When you can see into the 

Flow of one’s energy 

there is no way to lie about 

The truth of one’s feelings  

This gift is not something that turns off when healing sessions are done and 

Often, I see more than feels comfortable at the time 

I realize now that most people do not 

Remember how to

See with their Hearts

This is my gift and

This is what 

I am here to Teach 

It has been over 9 months since 

I last drove a car

And in that time, I have

Received countless Blessings

I am Becoming Me- 

Whole, complete, pure

A channel for Divine LOVE 

Letting go of the false façade

Embodying my Gifts and 

Learning how to use them-

In a good way

I have met an amazing woman who lives in my town

For the first time in my life-

I know a real person with RP

She is a widowed mother who lost her eyesight 

while her kids were young

She has raised her children, taught classes and been an 

active member of the community

All while being blind

To see her walking her dog on the bike path- 

It’s hard to tell that she is different in any way 

We chat when I run into her and she has 

Offered to assist me

Allowing me to practice 

Walking with her seeing cane

I’ve also met an Elder who is

Mentoring me in 

The healing ways

I have been praying for many years 

For a teacher

He is trained in 

The Old ways-

Receiving the 

Healing transmissions that 

have been passed down from 

Elder to student and elder to student 

For time immemorable

Going all the way back to 

When we still lived ‘in the Garden’

when ALL humans 

Embodied their 

Divine Truth and were

Beings fulling radiating and 

Communicating through LOVE 

Being a part of the 

Living Traditions is 

An incredible honor

I am

Learning how to 

Honor the Sacred

These Traditions are

More precious than gold, 

more valuable than any one individual’s life

I am Learning 

How to Pray 

In a good way

Protecting the gates of the most 

Holy Temples of 

The Goddess

I had thought my mentor would be a woman- but 

There has been so much 

Healing for me 

in our Relationship

To be Seen Fully and Deeply by a 

Man with Integrity 

To share in the 

Most intimate moments of 

The Power of LOVE

For it is LOVE that 

Heals ALL

With Clean Boundaries

in a Safe container

with Integrity and 

Respect for the Sacred

I am a Learning how to 

Be a channel for LOVE

My entire Being is 

Reprograming to this 

New way of BE-ing

Returning back to 

My innocence 

I am slowly learning to 

Let go, 

Of all that is not bringing 

Health into my Life

Allowing those who are meant to 

Walk alongside me 

To be with me

And those who have already 

Shared their medicines

I am releasing them and 

I Bless them on their way

If the container is not clean

Purify or 

Simply release it 

Not everyone is meant to 

always be in your life

I have suffered greatly 

from holding on

Wanting to carry many people 

with me on this journey but

My vessel is Holy and

I Choose to keep it

Safe, Clean, Holy and Pure

Your path is 

Yours to walk alone

Others may join you

But no one can 

Walk the path for you

We are all the Medicines and 

We are all each other’s teachers

Every person has been 

Sent from Creator to 

Teach us something

Receive their gifts

We are all 

Students of LOVE

I am learning how to 

Humbly Serve 

in a good way

To protect and 

Honor the Sacred

To walk with Integrity

To serve all with LOVE

Thank you

Thank you for 

Seeing me

Thank you for 

Teaching me

I love you always and

In All ways

We are all in this together

I am you

You are me

We are LOVE

Honoring the medicines

Honoring the teachings 

Honoring the Elders

To all my relations

I give thanks