Awakening the Goddess Within


The Goddess lies hidden within my body

The Divine Feminine-

A trifecta of the

Divine Mother





I am the Divine Mother that birthed you

I brought you from the Spirit realm into this world

You are my child who was nourished from my breast



I am the child who came from the spark of your light

You are my father who gave me life

You provide and protect me


You are my brother who walks beside me in this lifetime

You are my lover who awakens me


I am your sister who cares for you

I am your lover who guides you into Remembrance




I am the Goddess

I am the Divine Feminine


Worship the Goddess

Bow down before her

Place your forehead upon the earth

In humble prayer and respect for her power

Offer yourself in devotion to her beauty


I have been waiting for you

You are the only one who has permission to use the key

Unlock the secrets of my heart

Awaken the ancient codes of knowledge within my body


Breathe with me

Unifying our two hearts

You are the Yang

I am the Yin

Together we are whole

My body beacons you in

Deeper and deeper

Penetrating into my soul

Raising the Qi up into the heart

Balance is returned


We Awaken

We Remember

We breathe as One



-Happy Solstice-