Daily Practice-

What is your daily spiritual practice?

Do you have a daily practice to cultivate your connection to source?
To ground into mother earth and to remember your Divine Essence?

Most of us brush our teeth every single day- but do we take the time to meditate, practice yoga, journal or give thanks to God?

A daily practice is something you do every day- no matter what!

There are many practices that I do often, that I do regularly, that I do most days- but there are very few that I do every single day. Here some of the ones that are a must for me. . . .

Every single day- I put my bare feet and hands on the mother earth and I give thanks. I ground, I connect with heaven and earth and I say thank you.

Every single day- I do breathwork. I practice an active breathing meditation and focus on my breath. I allow the breath to move through my body and clear out anything that is no longer serving me. I breathe in clean, clear light, prana and chi. I exhale stagnant energy, old feelings and emotions that are no longer serving me.

Every day I Gather Qi from the universe- connecting to heaven and earth.

It is important to cultivate these daily rituals to help anchor our energy into the light.
If you would like to try creating a daily practice here are some good suggestions. . .
-burning sage to clear your space
-meditating for 5-15 minutes
-Yoga, Qi Gong, dance or movement for at least 15 minutes
-look yourself in the mirror and say “I love you”
-Give thanks for the blessing of water before you drink your first sip in the day
-Bless your food before eating
-Tell your partner/child/parent/pet/friend you love them
-Write down 3 things you are grateful for
-go outside and say thank you to Mother Nature
-Clear your energy field and energeticly create a protection around yourself
-Send love and healing energy to 3 people

the list could go on and on and on. . . . .