Ohhhh Mercury Retrograde-

My old friend

Yes, it’s that time of year again when Mercury goes Retrograde (February 17- March 10 2020).  The time when deep seated feelings and emotions ride to the surface. The time when there are glitches in technology and communication.  The time when we get to face what may be festering under the rug.

Mercury retrograde is always a good time to reestablish Boundaries.  For many- mercury retrograde can bring up karma that is ready to be healed and completed.  You may find that during mercury retrogrades your boundaries are tested with energies from past lovers or almost lovers.  You may feel confusion about your life’s purpose. You may feel hurts from the past resurfacing- wanting you to react with projections, blame and judgements to others.  There are many ways mercury retrograde can bring up what is deep within you that is ready to be Healed.  

Here’s the deal- Spirit loves you so much that you are continuously gifted the opportunity to heal that which is keeping you from fully expressing your true Divine nature.  Every challenge is an opportunity to Learn and grow. Therefore- when a difficult situation arises- try leaning into the energy. Allowing yourself to feel the uncomfortable feelings.  Look into the darkness and see what it has to teach you. Spirit is sending you a message and gifting you a chance to reclaim a lost part of your Essence. 

When you ‘take the bait’ and engage in low vibration energies- have compassion for yourself.  Hold your inner child in your loving arms- acknowledging that yes- ‘once again I fell for it.’  Look at what was so alluring in the energy. Why did your soul want to engage with that energy? What is it within you- that needs love and attention in order to heal so that the next time you will be able to clearly see that engaging with this energy is not bringing you health.  Can you heal the part within you that desperately wants to be healed. Can you give love to your inner child that is seeking love, attention, protection, safety, security, validation and approval? Can you give to yourself whatever it is that your inner child needs. If you can see what need your inner child is trying to fill and address the issue within yourself- then the next time some distorted energies come your way- you will be able to stand in your Truth and Power and say ‘NO’ with a strong Boundary.

We must have compassion for ourselves in this process.  We must acknowledge to ourselves that we will stumble and fall many times along the path.  We will lose our way, head in the wrong direction and mislead others at times. Everything in life is here to teach us.  Everything and everyone is here to help us Remember and Awaken to our True self- Awaken to the Remembrance that we are Divine beings of LOVE.  We are perfect, whole, and we are channels for unconditional LOVE. Everything else in life is merely a distraction. All the suffering and hardships are here to teach us- to help us Return to LOVE.  The universe is continuously asking us, can you open your heart and return to LOVE even in this situation? How about now? Will you fall into the trap of anger, shame, lust, desire, sloth, greed, jealousy, betrayal or bitterness- This time?  

Will you Remember to Breathe, 

to slow down, 

to ground into your heart and 

continue to BE Love- 

Right now, is a great time to do some energetic housekeeping.  Spring cleaning within your psyche and clear out any feelings, emotions or entanglements that are not serving you.  Reestablish your boundaries within yourself. Recommitting to your purpose and your calling. Reconnecting with your family and loved ones in a good way.  Let the energies that surface- come to help cleanse, purify and heal you.  

Oh, Mercury Retrograde- you got me on my knees.  Great Spirit- I humbly place myself at the foot of the Goddess- Teach me- guide me- help me.  So that I may humbly walk the Path of LOVE with Integrity- so that I may Serve the people in a good way.  Guide me from the confusion and entanglements. Lead me to the clear path of the Heart. Lead me to TRUE Love.  Forgive me for how I have misused my gifts. Calling upon the Jaguar to teach us impeccable integrity. So that we all may walk with ease and grace in this life.  May we serve all with LOVE. May we be freed of other people’s karma and energy that is not ours to carry. May we find the strength to keep our containers clean, pure and Holy.  

I offer myself to you

Great Spirit 

With my hands, feet, and head upon our sacred Mother 

I bow to the Great Mystery 

May I protect the 

Holy Temple of the Goddess and 

Bring only pure 

Divine LOVE to 

All my Relations.  

Thank you

Thank you