“Would you become a pilgrim on the road of Love?  

The first condition is that you make yourself humble as dust and ashes” – Rumi 

Several years ago 

I committed my Life over to Spirit

I dedicated myself in 

Service of LOVE

I let go of the resistance and 

I headed the call 

To devote my Life to 

Be of service to 

The awakening of ALL

To be a guide for others

To help people

Return to LOVE

To Open my Heart and 

Help others to 

Open their hearts 

To the Divine 

This path for me is about 


Returning to 


Remembering my 

True Nature

Allowing my Heart to Open 

To the flow of Divine LOVE

As I channel LOVE through me

I ground that energy into the 

Mother Earth

I send that energy into the hearts of 

All my Relations

I help others to 

Remove the blocks within 

To open to the 

Flow of LOVE

This path is not for the faint of heart

This path is for those who are 

Courageous enough to 

Open your heart to LOVE again

Even after pain, betrayal, abuse, violation

The practice is learning how to 

Continuously turn toward LOVE

To let the feelings move through you

To allow the hardships to teach you and 

To guide you back to your TRUTH

To guide you back to your heart

To find your way HOME

Within yourself


For the Beloved lives within you

As the Beloved lives 

Within the heart of 

All our Relations

We are all LOVE

And this is the Practice 

I have learned many 

Hard lessons along this 

Path of LOVE

It is not all rainbows and butterflies

There are many 

Dark Nights of the Soul

Moments when the 

Pain is great

When loneliness creeps in

When boundaries are tested

When I have handed over my power 

When I have felt lost, scared, abandoned, violated and alone

If you want to take the easy road

Then do not 

Walk the path of LOVE

For it will Test you

It will challenge you

It will bring to light

Every insecurity, and weakness within you

Every pain and uncomfortable feeling is

An opportunity to Heal

To learn how to bring Light and 

Consciousness to the 

Dark places within

Spirit loves you so much

That spirit is 

Continuously gifting you 

Opportunities to Learn 

How to Choose LOVE in 

Every moment

With every thought, prayer, action and intention

Spirit is calling you HOME

Spirit is bringing 

All parts of your fragmented self 

Back together again 

In Wholeness

This is the 

Path of LOVE

The path of Love is 

Returning to our 

True essence

Divine LOVE

With every cell of our being

Embodying Truth

And sharing this gift with others

Serving all with LOVE

This path is not meant for you alone

You are meant 

To share

To teach

To guide

To help awaken others 

Along the path of LOVE

For we do not 

Walk the Path 

For ourselves

We walk the path

For All of Humanity

We walk the Path to 

Help Awaken the 

Hearts of All