Real Milk-

Reflections of my life- 

Have you ever tried ‘real milk’?  Have you ever tasted milk straight from the teat of a cow- warm and sweet?  Have you ever drunk the milk of a healthy cow that has never had any shots or antibiotics in their life?  Milk from a cow that has never eaten grain and who grazes on lush pasture, drinking from a flowing stream?  

—Milk so delicious it tastes like vanilla ice cream?


There is a movement in our country about drinking raw milk- ‘real milk.’  Of course this is what many of our ancestors used to do, and drinking raw milk is a returning to a knowledge our people once had.  The Weston Price Foundation has been a big advocate for a returning of raw milk into the diet of many Americans. This movement stems from the research conducted by a man named Weston A. Price.  Weston Price was a dentist who in the 1920s and 1930s decided to traveled the global and research the mouth structure, and the dental health of different peoples. He soon realized that people who were eating a traditional diet had healthier teeth and bodies while those eating a western modern diet had poor dental health and physical health.  A research project whose intention was based on dental research- turned into a research into nutrition. In 1939 Price published the book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration which outlines how the modern diet-  including large amounts of sugar, flour and vegetable oils is a root cause for many diseases and ailments.  While on the other hand- a diet rich in bone broths, raw milk, live ferments, unprocessed whole foods and meat- creates healthy bodies and teeth.  Sally Fallon who is one of the founders of the Weston Price Foundation wrote a cookbook called Nourishing Traditions.  


I had the privilege of drinking raw milk for many years while I tended a small herd of Brown Swiss Dairy cattle.  I discovered that raw milk is wonderful for alleviating allergies. It also inoculates your gut flora with beneficial microbes.  Raw milk includes all the disease fighting, healthy body growing, and healthy digesting enzymes that a mother gives to her baby.  It is wonderful for nursing mothers and for babies. I highly recommend trying real milk if you can find a source near you that is from 100% organic pastured cows.  Raw milk is completely different from pasteurized store milk that comes from cows who live in confinement, eating grains and given pharmaceuticals. It is like comparing apples to oranges- they are not the same thing at all!


I feel so incredibly blessed for the years that I got to share with the sacred and holy cows.  They taught me so much and nourished my body. The relationship of milk maid to cow is so profound and deep- the cows were like my children and also my mothers.  


Everyone is entitled to their own opinion in life- but until you have lived and experienced the way that healthy pastured cows interact with man and nature- it is hard to comprehend the amount of benefits the relationship of man to animal can bring to the whole world.  


Thank you sacred cows, thank you mother earth, thank you to the sweet nectar of the mother that nourishes us all!