“I can do nothing for you, 
but work on myself.
You can do nothing for me, 
but work on yourself.”
– Ram Dass

The sacred healing dance
Spiraling in and out
Deepening the connection with self
Loving what is inside of you
Remembering your Truth
You are God/Goddess
That which you seek is within you
touching the depths of your heart into
Oneness and
Merging into the void
The mystery revealed
The glory and the brilliance and the
power of LOVE
Returning Home

Shining light
into the shadows
Facing your darkness with
Courage in your heart
To unconditionally love and
Accept all of you
Exactly how you are
Perfectly imperfect
That is the real work we are here for
To forgive
To learn the lesson
To clean up our mess
To alchemize the energy
back into love
To speak our truth
To honor the sacred
To hold the container with LOVE
There is no shame in
perceiving the energy
It is up to you
how you engage with the energy
Standing with Integrity
Connecting heaven and earth
A conduit for love to flow
Know your weaknesses
Be vigilant with your boundaries
You are sacred
Your energy is sacred
Protect your energy field
Honor the sacred
Giving thanks
Learning how to communicate with love
Reclaiming your sacred No
It is all within you
You are your own healer
Protect your innocence
Trust your heart
As you heal
You create the space for others to heal
As you shine
You invite others to
step into their power and shine
Coming home into your heart
You are the one you have been waiting for
Take back your power and
Stand in your Truth
Be Love
You are God/Goddess
We are Love
We are one
Together we rise
We are the medicine
Giving thanks
To all our relations

New Moon in Scorpio was-
Loving that which is inside of you-
Not the mirror that is reflectiving your brilliance
being able to see those parts of yourself that are within you
Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio is-
Facing your shadows
Let the pain be your teacher
Bringing light into your darkness and allowing yourself to
see it, feel it, learn from it, and release it
Returning to your innocence
The magical little child before the trauma happened
You no longer need to carry that pain body
You get to receive love in a healthy fashion
I know it hurts
Others have done heinous crimes
But carrying the pain has cost you many healthy relationships
This is your superpower
You can heal your soul’s fragmentation and
Allow yourself to be the
beautiful, radiant soul that you are
You are safe
You are loved and
You are loveable

Holding space for others-
If I expect others to let go of their shame-
I get to look at where I am still holding on to my shame
I have been diving deep into this the past few months and
Really loving the book
“Healing the Shame that Binds You”- a must read for all those who are in the healing arts world or know someone who is an addict
Many blessings to you as you journey on in life with LOVE