How this breathing practice can help and transform you

The breath work that Alison uses is an ancient form of Pranayama yoga from India, developed over a thousand years ago. Pranayama is defined as the formal practice of controlling the breath, which is the source of our prana, or vital life force.

In her quest for understanding, Alison has studied many forms of healing, Pranayama and meditation. She has traveled the world learning from healers in India, Japan, the Amazon rainforest, the United States, Tibet, and Nepal to name a few. After all of her searching, Alison finally found this breath work, which brought her into a deep state of bliss and oneness. As soon as she found this breath work, she knew the breath was her medicine and teacher and that she was meant to bring this healing to the world. Alison has committed her life to bringing this healing to others. She is dedicated to helping people connect with their essence, let go of their fears, and embrace their life’s calling.

Alison teaches a 2 stage breath work that is done while lying down and breathing deeply into the lower belly, then into the upper chest and then exhaling. Through the use of the breath a person is able to open their hypothalamus gland or crown chakra and allow the energy from the universe to enter their body. By focusing on the breath a person’s mind is able to quiet so that the resistance and chatter of the mind calms and the healing can occur. This is a safe and simple practice that has profound healing effects on a person.

Alison uses the breath work to guide her clients to their true nature; to a place of serenity and peace. Alison helps her clients to open their hearts so that they can love themselves more. She believes that self-love is the key to healing. She uses the breath work to bring awareness to her clients about their true nature and guide them to a place where they can love themselves a little more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a healing session look like?

Alison will begin the session with a check-in, often asking questions about where you are feeling stuck in life. The issues may include challenges in a relationship, in work, in your ability to earn money, or in your physical health. The list can be extensive for some.

The actual breath work begins next. The pranayama yoga or breathing meditation
that Alison practices is a simple technique that uses your breath while lying down to help let go of your thinking and open your heart to the healing work. Alison

uses a combination of tools including essential oils, reiki, music, crystal bowls, flute, gong and sage to help with the healing process. Alison will guide her clients through this process to bring awareness to the stuck energy within their body so that it can be released.

After the session many clients often feel euphoric. They are often amazed by how deeply soothing the experience is. They leave the session feeling connected to their spirit and at peace. They often have breakthroughs on what has been preventing them from achieving their goals.

Who can benefit from this Breath Work?

Alison offers private healing sessions to clients who are seeking a range of benefits. These sessions can bring healing to blocks in the physical, mental, and emotional levels. Some clients are looking to heal a relationship, a past trauma, a physical pain, or an addiction. Some are looking to sleep better, or let go of stress and tension. Some clients come for sessions because they simply want to have a happier and healthier life.

Yoga journals have cited four benefits from breath work: more happiness and emotional stability, weight loss, better exercise stamina and a longer life. Alison welcomes those seeking these goals.

Why is this Breath Work so successful?

Recent scientific research is now showing that mindful breathing—paying attention to your breath and learning how to manipulate it—is one of the most effective ways to lower everyday stress levels and improve a variety of health factors ranging from mood to metabolism.  Pranayama, as taught by Alison, relies on the very direct relationship between breath rate, mood state, and the autonomic nervous system state.  The autonomic nervous system governs the body’s sympathetic (flight or no flight) and parasympathetic (rest and restore) responses, dialing functions like heart rate, respiration, and digestion up or down as necessary in response to potential threats.  This worked well on an evolutionary basis, but today’s nonstop barrage of stimulus like smartphone pings, emails and news updates often trips the body’s alarms at too great a rate.  As a person takes each breath, millions of sensory receptors in the respiratory system send signals to the brainstem.  Fast breathing pings the brain at a higher rate, triggering it to activate the sympathetic nervous system, turning up stress hormones, heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tension, sweat production and anxiety.  On the other hand, slowing your breathing induces the parasympathetic response, dialing down all of the above as it turns up relaxation, calm and mental clarity.  This is the power of pranayama that Alison teaches. 

Why choose Breath Work with Alison?

Alison can help you transform your life. This breath work practice will help shine light on all ailments, give you direction or simply help you feel a little better in life. Alison wants to help you to connect with your higher self. This is Alison’s passion and she feels so blessed to be able to help you on your path!

Alison wants to help you to find your true calling. She is committed to helping you step into your power and embrace your beauty.

Alison has helped clients in the past dealing with anxiety, depression, anger, liver detoxification, addiction, sexual abuse, trauma, relationship troubles, insomnia, sleep disorders, cancer, and low self esteem to name a few.

Come join Alison for a breathing circle or sign up for a private session and see how this work can help clear the blockages on your path. Come join Alison for a session and give yourself some love!

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