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Private Healing Sessions

If you need some direction or just want to feel a little better in life, Alison is here to help! Alison is happy to help guide you into the person you want to be. Come join Alison for a session and give yourself some love!

Individual Sessions

Breath Work or
Reiki & Gong Healing


1 hour

Breath Work & Gong
or Reiki Healing


90 min

Couples Sessions



90 min

Breath Work & Gong Healing


2 hour

more about couples sessions

Alison offers couples healing sessions that help couples come together again in love. Healing relationships is one of her highest goals. In these sessions, Alison holds space for the couple to express what is going on. What challenges they are facing? Alison helps them move through those blocks. After the blocks have been addressed the doors to the positive love between the couple are opened. After this sharing, the couple lies down and breathes together. These sessions help couples open in a safe fashion so that they can once again connect in love. Couples healing sessions are powerful and a lot can open up for the couple through these sessions.


3-month One-on-One journey with Spiritual Mentor and Empowerment Coach

Alison McKelvie Eakin

Reclaim your birth rite and become the Empowered Woman you are destined to be!

  • Connect with your Goddess self and create a relationship with different archetypes of the Feminine. Learn how to harness the diverse energies of the feminine in order to express yourself fully. Cultivate and utilize your sacred gifts.

Empowered Woman Program

  • Experience the power and the liberation of your sensual self. Cultivate a relationship with your moon cycles and learn to work with them for healing and empowerment. Learn how to use your sexual energy for manifestation and healing. Work with balancing your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies.
  • Awaken your inner Medicine Woman. Treat your body like a temple by nourishing your body with healing foods and tonifying plants beneficial for woman’s health.
  • Connect with your ancestral lineage to clear and release generational past traumas. Learn how to transmute energies of pain and shame- releasing them from your body for healing yourself and your lineage.
  • Awaken your inner Priestess and learn how to hold space for healing yourself and others by creating safe and sacred space. Learn the importance of smudging, creating an altar and how to use it for healing, inspiration and protection.


  • Develop a deeper connection with your Spirit Guides by becoming fluent in their language. Learn how to listen and receive the messages your Spirit Guides have to offer you.


  • Learn how to create and maintain healthy boundaries psychically, spiritually and energetically. Learn how to remove yourself from abusive situations and toxic people and to use cord-cutting as a way to release the deep connection to any past lovers in order to move toward empowerment.


  • Learn some of the tools you can use for healing including Creativity, Gratitude, Self-Expression, Breathwork, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Qi Gong, Yoga and Sound Healing.
  • Learn how to communicate with animals, the elements and the mother earth. Open yourself to receiving messages from your spirit animals and begin to work closely with their medicine.
  • Liberate your womb from traumas and patch energy leeks in your energetic womb space by practicing Womb Healing. Strengthen the muscles and the energy of your womb.  Learn about birth rites and rituals by connecting with your spirit baby, reclaiming your power for homebirth and creating sacred space for a spiritual birth.

This 3-month Empowered Woman course includes:

  • (6) 1.5 hour one-on-one sessions with Alison McKelvie Eakin customized with the topics above for your personal needs on your journey to empowerment.
  • (1) 15-minute phone check-in per month between sessions.
  • (3) Guided meditations for download
  • Free access to all group classes with Healing with Alison tools.
  • Discounts on any trainings/retreats offered by Healing with Alison
  • Email support throughout the duration of the course.

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For your Empowered Woman Journey

Call/Text  Alison at 970-208-7733

Empowered Woman Program



Work with Alison

Alison is based out of beautiful Ojai, California. Her office space is nestled in the center of downtown Ojai, in the Valley of the Moon. She offers group classes and private sessions in her warm and inviting healing center of Soul Body Ojai. Weather you are a local or someone looking to get away from the city for the weekend and enjoy the tranquility of Ojai, you will love a visit with Alison. Alison often sees clients who are visiting Ojai as a relaxing get away. She can suggest a yoga class, a hike or healthy places to eat. If you want to come relax and unplug from the city life for a weekend, a visit with Alison while in Ojai is a must!

What Some Happy Clients Are Saying

Don’t just take it from me, let my clients do the talking!

“This is Alison- she is one of the most powerful spirits I have ever met with a heart full of love and light.”  Lisa- New Mexico

Jon Paul Crimi

As a breath work teacher myself that has gone through all of David Elliott’s trainings twice I’ve had a lot of people guide me through sessions. Also, I’ve done a ton of breath work myself over the last few years. Alison has a rare gift and I had one of, if not the most powerful releases and healing take place when she guided my through our session. She intuitively knew what to do at the right times and it was life altering. And I don’t say that easily. My only complaint is that she doesn’t live closer so that I could see her again. 🙂

SKL, Paonia, CO

Breath work with Alison is powerful. Alison’s gentle direction and safe space creates a sanctuary for me to breathe deeply taking me deep into my physical and spiritual being. I highly recommend working with Alison; I am so grateful to have found this healing modality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a breath work healing session like?

Alison will begin the session with a check-in, often asking questions about where you are feeling stuck in life. The issue may be in a relationship, in work, in your ability to earn money, or in your physical health.

The actual breath work begins next. The pranayama yoga or breathing meditation that Alison practices is a simple technique that uses your breath while lying down to help let go of your thinking and open your heart to the healing work. Alison will guide you through this process using the breath, affirmations, and essential oils to help open the energy channels within your body so that the stuck energy can be released.

How will I feel after the session?

After the session many clients feel euphoric. They are often amazed by how deeply soothing the experience is. They leave the session feeling connected to their spirit and at peace. They often have breakthroughs on what has been preventing them from achieving their goals.

Don't Be Shy

If I didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop me a note anytime.