A few days ago
I cried in Yoga class
It’s been a long time 
since I last cried in a Yoga class- not 
since the healing from my divorce 

My teacher said something like, “You know sometimes people get upset about how the teacher adjusts them in class. They want to be cuddled, massaged or gently nurtured. As yoga teachers we are not here to pamper you. We are here to help you to see where you are off balance and guide you back into balance.” 

I said to him- “Unfortunately in this world- it is hard to find teachers with integrity. To have a teacher who can see where your off balance and with integrity guide you back into your Truth while honoring the elders, and the lineage is a treasure. We are so grateful to have you as a teacher.”

While in Savasana 
that morning I cried
I cried for all the students who have ever 
come to any teacher with a 
Open and vulnerable heart 
seeking Truth and 
the space was not 
Held in Integrity

I cried for every teacher 
who has willing served others and 
has not been able to manage 
their own humanity and has not 
Served in a good way

I cried for every person who has ever 
felt that something was “off” and was not 
Able to maintain their boundaries and they 
Allowed violation of their 
Holy Temple

I cried for the Light of Consciousness 
To shine upon all those who 
Walk the Path of LOVE
so that we may all 
Teach and be Taught- 
In A GOOD Way.  

I prayed for healing
I prayed for all the teachers and
I prayered for all the students 
I prayed for Truth 
To guide The Way 
I prayed for 
Unconditional LOVE 
For All Our Relations 

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