My heart is filled with so much LOVE and gratitude

2 months ago- I reluctantly signed up for a leadership training less than 24 hours before the start time. I didn’t want to commit to 5 gatherings over the course of a few months and I certainly didn’t want to join some cult training.

The only reason I finally said yes- is that I experienced the results my friends were manifesting in their lives- and i believed it would help. My friend literally had to enroll a friend to drive there with me before I was willing to go.

I went in with business goals- I wanted to get clear on who exactly I am and the sacred medicine I carry so that I could then create programs and offer my gifts to other woman.

Quickly on in the process when I was digging deep into my soul I discovered that what I really want is a partner, companionship, a romantic relationship. Building a successful business that can provide for my family is a wonderful goal- but the thing that no money can buy is LOVE

So- instead of focusing on my business goal- i started off committing to 10 dates. I had been divorced for 4 years and only been on 1 official date in that time. So- I got on some dating apps- I said yes when some men asked me out and I started dating again after almost 20 years.

Being at the leadership trainings and being in those rooms with men who are open hearted, vulnerable and loving has been so transformative. I didn’t realize how closed off I had been to men. The wall around my heart was tall with lots of sharp swords and Spears pointing out- like no one would be allowed Into the inner sanctuary of my soul.

It was in those rooms where I fell in LOVE with men again- where my heart swelled with the love and beauty of the masculine. The brave, courageous and open hearted men who are willing to be real, authentic and vulnerable.

It was in those rooms that I embraced my power as a sensual woman. Where I loved every aspect of my sexy goddess self. Where I was able to enroll other men in my seductive beauty and safely play with the energy of my feminine Beauty.

It was in those rooms that I realized I had been spending more time enrolling people in my pain- in the history of abuse and misuse – rather then enrolling them in who I really am.

It was there in those rooms that I finally choose to claim MY POWER. Where I loved and accepted myself for being a powerful woman. Where i claimed the possibilities and opportunities that are at my figure tips as a powerful leader. There is nothing wrong with being powerful- it is just that others have misused their power. But it is not being powerful that is the problem- being powerful means you can create massive beneficial impact on the world- and that is what I am committed to.

It was in those rooms that I embodied the infinite potential that is possible when you are connected to Source. When you are BEing your authentic self- when you are a channel for Goddess/God/Source – you can manifest anything your heart desires. You have the power and the magic within you. Within your heart is the connection to Goddess/God/Source. You are one with all- you are LOVE and you can create your dreams.

I feel so blessed to have made 50 amazing friends. To have a support team of amazing leaders. To embody the teachings of manifestation. I am a powerful, loving, authentic leader. With love and grace in my heart i offer thanks and I step into my infinite potential. The time is NOW. I can no longer play small. I get to BE all of me- for my children, for other women, for the community. I am a loving example of forgiveness, of an empowered woman, of a healer, of compassion, of a mother, of a guardian of Mother Earth, of a Spiritual Midwife, of the Goddess, of a Sensual Woman, of all that is.

Thank you Great Spirit
Thank you Goddess
Thank you to all the leaders and teachers
Thank you to my support team
Thank you to my family
Thank you to my community
Thank you to my clients

It is an honor to serve the world in this way
To all my relations
I love you
Please forgive me
I am sorry
Thank you
I LOVE you