“What you seek
Is seeking you”
-Mawlana Jalal-al-Din Rumi 

There is more LOVE available than 
One could ever have dreamed 
The practice is learning how to 
Open to the flow 
Increasing ones ability to 
channel the LOVE through you 

Elders teaching the Old ways
Passing on the knowledge of our 
Ancestral skills 
living with Mother nature 
Walking in beauty 
Returning to harmony with 
All our relations 
soul family 
Singing our prayers 
round the sacred fires 
Sewing buckskins 
Learning how to receive 
All the abundance that 
the Great Mother has 
already gifted to us 
Remembering our 
Divine nature 
I am you 
You are me
We are LOVE 

Learning how to 
humbly carry our medicine 
In a good way and 
Serve all with LOVE
Serve all with Love 

To the Elders 
To the Ancestors 
To all our Relations 
We give thanks 

Happy New Moon in Pisces 
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