Protect Women

One late October day 

I saw a 7 year old who had 

smeared frozen blueberries all over his body

When I asked him about it-  

he explained to me that it looked like bruises and 

for Halloween he wanted to be a ‘beaten woman’

My heart broke

I looked him in the eyes

It took me a few moments to breathe and 

compile my thoughts

This innocent young boy who 

loved his mother so much- 

He wanted to be just like her 

This child had grown up in a household where 

‘love’ meant you hit your wife

even in front of your children 

I looked him in the eyes

I explained to the young boy that 

Women are Sacred

Women are part of the 

Sacred feminine as is 

The Mother Earth and  

We All must 

Protect the Sacred feminine 

We must be guardians of the

Mother Earth and of 

The women of this earth 

The sacred mother is the birther if all creation 

Woman are channels for Divine Love

There is nothing more powerful than LOVE

The holiness of the feminine is to be protected 

Men are the guardians and 

Protectors of the women 

You can not be a protector of our 

Mother Earth without also 

Protecting the women of this earth 

It is a man’s position to 

protect, honor and 

Care for our Great Mother 

It is not right for men to violate women

It is never acceptable for a man to be 

physically abusive to his 

wife, partner, family member or
any woman in his life.  

I pray that little boy grows up 

to see a day when his mother 

no longer allows men to abuse her

I pray for his mother to stand in dignity and

Honor her boundaries 

I pray for the day when his mother demonstrates a 

healthy loving relationship with her partner

I pray for the day when his father remembers 

how to honor the sacred feminine as One-

The Mother Earth and 

The Women of the Earth 

I pray for the day when his father

Respects the boundaries of the women in his life

I pray for a day when his father is able to model to him 

What it truly means to be a man

I pray that one day the little boy 

Will be the man that his father failed to be

I pray that one day he will be a decent man 

That he will respect the mother of his children

That he will love, honor and 

protect his beloved

I pray for all the battered women and men

I pray for all the abusers

I pray for the healing of the relationship between 

The sacred feminine and the sacred masculine

I pray for balance

I pray for peace  

I pray for respect

I pray for boundaries 

I pray for dignity 

I pray for safety 

I pray for the protection of the mother 

I pray for the generations to come

I pray for the generations before

I pray 

I pray 

I pray

For healing

For love

For courage

For strength 

For remembrance of our Truth

We are Love 

I pray for 

All my relations 

-Alison McKelvie Eakin


Valley of the Moon

Chumash Territory 

Full moon in Pisces

Image from British Museum “Queen of the Night” representation of the Goddess from Old Babylon estimated from 1800 and 1750 BCE