Walking the medicine path

This weekend I sat by the fire and
sewed buckskins in the Tipi next to my altar and
I prayed with the ancestors and spirit guides

The space was filled with love, healing, Christ consciousness, releasing of shame, claiming my sacred no, protection, forgiveness and guidance

I don’t think anyone really chooses
to walk the way of the medicine.
It is something that your soul
beacons of you-
Creator calling you home
into your heart to
remember your truth

The first time I witness a miraculous healing-
I was 19 and I healed my vision- not completely- but a dramatic and noticeable difference to something that was supposedly incurable.
I was grateful yes- and so frightened- that I ran as far as I could from medicine work and shamanism. I wanted nothing to do with healers.

I tried to convince the universe that I would be a great yoga teacher, a farmer, a preschool teacher, a baker, a hide tanner.
I never wanted to be a
healing arts practitioner.
It wasn’t until my divorce that I was so broken
I turned my life over to Great Spirit-
Help me heal my broken heart-
teach me the way to
mend my relations.

As I regained my power-
I soon realized I would help other women.
It was clear to me that I had called in the experiences of victimhood so that I could
heal those relationships and then
help other women to move
from victim to creator in their life.

I began to find my way back
into my heart.

To allow myself to feel, see, hear and work with the energy

I see my life as a living prayer.
I am far from perfect- but i do my best to
live my life as if each breath-
each moment in time is a
prayer of gratitude and a
open heart expression of
love moving through me-
this is my journey
I am finding my way-
stumbling, crawling, falling at times. But
I am finding the way
back to the ancestors-
back to the time when we lived in harmony-
before the knowledge was lost.
Cleansing my body and mind so that
I may be a clear channel for life force to
flow through me.
To pray by the sacred fire-
to remember the
wisdom teachings of the elders,
to learn from the sacred plants and animals and spirit guides.

This summer I was summoned by the ancestors to
offer myself in service.
They cried tears of joy at the
Reuniting of lineage lines that had been severed.
I got to present myself and my daughter to my ancestors and some of the most
Holy ancestors near our homelands.
The healing of the wisdom lines from
past to present to future.
Praying in ceremony on
One of the most
High holy days on the
Sacred lands that
My blood line of ancestors have
prayed on and
offered ceremony for
thousands and thousands of years.
I laughed as my heart filled with
Joy and gratitude to
bare witness to the
Magnificence and beauty of Life
And when they spoke to me-
I replied-
‘Yes- yes of course’
I will allow your prayers to
come through me.
I am your humble servant and
I am willing to do my part in the healing of
our sacred Mother Earth.
connecting back through
our collective remembrance to a time when
we were unobstructed in our
connection with Mother Nature and
source energy

To pray, to pray, to pray
Heavenly Father/Mother
Great spirit
Thank you

Dear ancestors
I honor you
Ancient wisdom keepers –
I remember you
Thank you for all you have sacrificed
to protect and preserve the medicines
I place myself at your feet
Oh Great Spirit
I open my heart to your love
I humbly ask for forgiveness
I devote my life to
Protect the Sacred
To honor the medicines
To remember the Elders

To be of service to this
Divine source energy
The Tao
I open myself to you
In prayer
In love
In service
For the healing of all
May we find our way
Into our hearts
United as one with
May we bring peace
To all our relations
And once again
live in harmony with
All our relations
Thank you
Thank you