Alison McKelvie Eakin

Healing with LOVE

Alison is here to help people connect with their essence/the light/the God within them.  To help them return to their true being, to returning to love.  She is committed to helping people release their fears, their baggage, and their blocks so that they can be their authentic self.  So that they can see the beautiful soul that they are!

Alison has been studying Yoga and Pranayama for over a decade.  She  is naturally warm, enthusiastic and nurturing.  Her clients feel safe and cared for in her presence.  And her joy of life is contagious.

Alison instinctively knew that there were other ways of healing emotional distress and physical ailments than the standard western medicine but initially she did not know how to do it.  In her quest for understanding, Alison has traveled the world, studied yoga extensively in India and the United States, and created a homestead for her family.