Receiving is a powerful way to bring about healing in your life.  Many of us, myself included have a hard time receiving.  Often it is easier to give, give often, give lots, but not to ask for help, not to let the help and the love in from others and the universe.
I had a powerful lesson about receiving while swimming with the dolphins in Hawaii.  Dolphins are amazing creatures that embody love, joy and purity.  Their playful nature brings youthfulness to the observer.  Dolphins have long been revered as healers and teachers.
The first day I got in the water with the dolphins was amazing.  There were several groups of dolphins that stayed in this one cove all morning swimming and playing with us.
As I swam along with the dolphins I visualized my heart opening.  I spread out my hands and asked to receive the energy and the message from the dolphins.  The dolphins seemed to take a liking to me and several times they came right up to me and let me swim along side them.  Fortunately, I am a fast swimmer and with all I had, I swam along side the dolphin looking directly into its eye. Up and down, up and down the gentle motion of the dolphin moving swiftly through the water.  Eye to eye, soul to soul, connected for a moment in time.

At one point there were several dolphins below me and I asked, “Great Spirit, what is the message you have for me.  I am ready to receive your message now.”  “I LOVE YOU” came to me from the dolphins.

As I let that message sink into my body the rest of the day.  My heart and soul was awakened to receiving love and spirit from all around.  I laughed and cried.  My heart ached at the realization that I could die with a closed heart.  That what if I never let the love in?  I have lived this way at times in my life.  And I can tell you there is depression, fear, anger and loneliness with a closed heart.  There is emptiness.

But, what if I choose to let in the love/the light.  Oh the joy!  The ecstasy of receiving the love that is all around.  I believe the world is nothing but energy.  That everything on earth is vibrating a frequency of love.  What if I open my heart to receive and let myself feel the love/the connection/ the spirit to everything?  I can choose to let in the love that the trees are breathing, the love that the earth is pulsating, the love that the birds are singing.  Oh my!  My heart is so overflowing with love.

I am learning to embody this lesson with everything I do.  I find it is easier for me to receive this love from nature and from myself than from other people.  Why do I hesitate to share this connection with others?  Because it is a two way street.  Love flows in and out from one to the other.  I have no fear in opening my heart to nature and the animals around me.  But to be so open and vulnerable with other humans is a skill I am still working on.  Letting people in and letting them see me for who I really am, for the divine essence that is with in me- that can be a challenge.

It is really important to maintain healthy boundaries when exchanging this love with people.  Love exchange can be very powerful and beautiful, but one must always know where the boundary lies.

As your heart awakens to this love vibration, it may be more sensitive.  You may be able to feel other people’s energy in your heart.  It is important to be able to distinguish what is your energy and what is someone else’s.  That way you will not take on their pain.

I wish I could offer the advice of open your heart to everyone and everything and you will always feel bliss.  It has been my experience however, that there are times of extreme ecstasy and bliss, but there is also pain that the heart feels.  Like everything, one must be wise with their actions.  If pain comes in, let it flow through.  Often times it can be someone else’s pain and there is no need to hold that pain in your heart.  Learning to let the pain flow through you and not remain in you is as important of a skill as learning to open your heart!

Many of us have felt this love exchange with the universe as a child, or with a lover.  Many people have a painful experience and they choose to shut down their hearts rather than clear the pain out and open the heart again.  Learning how to open our hearts to the love after we have experienced pain and shut down is one of the most important lessons in life.

There are many ways to practice this open-heart living: meditation, yoga, nature, art, writing, music are a few.  Finding ways that your soul connects with the Divine is a wonderful way to practice open-heart living.  For me, the breath work practice that I teach, and dancing are the most powerful ways for me to experience my open heart on a regular basis.

So, I encourage you and myself to open our hearts.  There is way more to lose in living a life with a closed heart than the pain we will experience as we learn to navigate through life with a open heart.

As we open our hearts, we tap into that love vibration and let it in.  Let in the love!  Let it heal us, let it fill us; let it remind us of who we are.  This love, this energy is everywhere, all around us, in everything.  We can tap into the beauty, the power, and the energy.


Poem inspired by the Dolphins

Spirit I am I see you, all around me

Spirit I am I feel you, all around me
Spirit I am I hear you, calling in me . . . . .

Every step I take, 
     I give thanks to the mother Gaia, for embracing me

Every breath I breathe, 
     I give thanks for the Prana that fills me up

Every sip I drink, 
     I give thanks for the flow through me,

Every rock I lean on, 
     I give thanks for the stability,

Every tree I hug, 
     I give thanks for the purifying and the grounding,

Every plant I eat, 
     I give thanks for the nourishment,

Every bird that sings,
     I give thanks for the songs of love,

Every fire I feel,
     I give thanks for the warmth within my soul,

Every flower I smell, 
     I give thanks for the vibration of love

We are all one

We are all Source

Listen to the heartbeat of the earth . . . . . .